SANS® Foodservice is a China-based one-stop provider with a full line of products - cutlery, cups, containers, plates & bowls…etc for foodservice, dine-in or takeout, as well as the beverage.


Why Choose Us?

 We focus on high quality foodservice packaging.

— We carry a full line of foodservice products.

— We listen to you and exceed your expectation.


Our Vision

Enjoy Meal & Go Green.


Our Goal

Provide high quality & compostable foodservice solution for our customers.


Our Attitude

0 — Never forget we are a Startups.

1 — To be the leading supplier in the foodservice industry.

6 — Focus on to meet the customer's needs.

9 — Live today, think tomorrow.


Our Team

Share, Family & Have fun!


We claim:
1) All products are quality guaranteed. We are fully responsible for the defective products which are delivery to customers if any. Quality issues including artwork, printing, engraving, colors, breaking, leaking…etc
2) All products are food safe certified by FDA.
3) All products are quality inspected by our interior QC.
4) All equipments are regularly maintained and cleaned.
5) We do our best to manufacture the products automatically as possible as we can, or we are on the way to automatic-made.
6) All workers are skill trained and legally employed.
7) We save the energy and low the carbon footprint as possible as we can. We are a green company.